Bewerbungsmappe Business Development

Companies must constantly ask themselves whether you are meeting all the requirements of the market and whether you are well prepared for the future.

In a dynamic market and sharper competition, you must already find the answers to the questions of tomorrow.

Long-term market developments must be recognized and integrated into the strategic orientation of a company. Only in this way can competitive advantages be achieved.

Small and medium-sized enterprises often can not occupy each department in the best possible way, because the development of company-specific skilled workers is associated with high costs and is therefore not profitable for many companies. But even globally operating companies need independent specialists who support and / or control their own departments.

In order to keep your concentration on the core business, it is useful to place necessary business processes in reliable hands.

We solve competently and flexibly so your needs in the areas

  • International Business Networking, Business Development
  • Market research, market analysis and product research in online and offline area
  • Development and opening up of new revenue sources through cooperation with distributors and potential partners abroad
  • Customer Acquisition, International Sales, B2C and B2B, Serving International Distributors
  • Active expansion and support of the international clientele, business travel for on-site visits to customers and interested parties
  • Supervision of online shops on various e-commerce platforms
  • Translations, among other also complete internet / online shops
  • International Corporate Communications and Public Relations
  • Building strategic business units, creating a guide to the future
  • Representation of companies
  • Logistics management, coordinating transport / shipping
  • SEO & SEM, creating AdWords campaigns

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