About us

Contact for both the business and the private. We support you in establishing and expanding existing business relationships in Germany.

With the aim of creating and strengthening relations between Spain and Germany, as a competent interface with our network of other experts, we realize your private and professional goals.

More than 10 years of experience in the field of consulting and support for companies that are expanding, exporting, importing … but also logistics, trade and not least the retail trade, have shaped us over the years dedication, for work with and in part in the Nature, grow in us.

We are also passionate about this work, which always motivates us to explore the limits of feasibility and to put new impulses for and with our customers. We always design individual solutions, such as process optimization and product management.

In order to perfect the quality of our work and to meet our present and future requirements of the food trade, we have asked for a solid technical, legal or scientific understanding for the tasks And to work efficiently.

Our deep understanding of the needs of our customers and the awareness, goals, only to be able to achieve together with you define us.

Your JFT Management Team